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30 Great Tips To Make Spring Cleaning Easy And Fun

Spring is the time not only for love, sun, and birds, but also for a big clean-up. Some dread this moment as much as they did the word "dentist" at 8 years old.

To make cleaning easier for those of you who loathe it, we at Bright Side bring you some hints that will help you save your nerves and get done with the work in no time.

Stop being afraid of cleaning up

  • The principal rule of quality cleaning is accepting that the seasonal clean-up is only a refresher for your house, not a cataclysm. If you do it twice a year instead of once a decade, the whole thing will not take much of your time. "Clean house, clean thoughts" is a good thing to say to yourself before initiating grand changes in your dwelling and your life, too.

Planning the work

  • Everything is simpler when you have a plan. You won’t dust your bookshelf twice if you strike the point off your list. Don’t try to make everything shine at once; it’s easier to divide the work into stages and do it for a couple of hours each day for a few days. You shouldn’t end up hating everyone and everything after finishing the clean-up.

Your home is not a dump

  • Beginning spring cleaning without throwing away things you don’t need is a grave mistake, because a lot of trash has surely accumulated in your house since the last clean-up. Make space for your work, otherwise it will turn out to be just putting things from one place to another. It’s just the right time to say goodbye to all the jeans that are too big for you, broken utensils, fractured teacups, and all the pretty baubles your relatives gave you as presents. One rule that works here is, "If I haven’t used this for a year, then I don’t need it anymore."

Transparent windows

  • To look out of clear windows at the spring sky, first wash off the tarnish with a mop soaked in vinegar. Then clean the windows with water and dry them with a soft paper towel in round motions. Vinegar is more effective at cleaning window glass than cleansers you buy in stores.
  • Wash the windows up and down on one side and left to right on the other; that will make the badly washed places more obvious so you can fix them.

Clean surfaces

  • Wrap the brush in a slightly wet mop and wash the walls and ceiling with it. Rinse the mop in clear water often so that there are no dirty blotches left on the surface.
  • It’s better to clean up and down, because the dust will not cling to already washed surfaces.
  • Polish the furniture with a soft tissue slightly soaked in fabric softener. This will let the surface stay dust-free for longer.
  • Polished furniture will look as new if you dust it with a soft cloth soaked in tea and then polish it with a velvet or flannel cloth.

The perfect floors

  • Any floor will become shiny if you just add 2-3 tablespoons of vinegar per liter of water. It is best to wash the floor at least twice, changing the water once.
  • Use kerosene to remove stains from linoleum, and if you have stained laminate flooring, then wash it with alcohol. These methods work better than cleansers you can buy at a store.

No skeletons in the closet

  • Wash all the insides of wardrobes, drawers, and bedside tables with a moist cloth and then dry with fabric softener or an antistatic agent; dust will cling to your clothes less this way.
  • Make sure to air the wardrobe; just leave it empty and open for an hour or two.
  • Put a small pieces of soap into the clean and aired out wardrobe, and it will freshen its contents for the next few months.

Soft furniture as good as new

  • Vacuum clean your upholstery with a special attachment wrapped in gauze that you’ve soaked in a solution of salt water (one tablespoon per liter). This will get rid of dust and refresh the color of the sofa or armchair. After doing so, mop the furniture with a weak soap solution and wash off the foam with a clean wet cloth.
  • If you’d like to use natural cleansers to dispose of old stains on the furniture fabric, take 3.5 oz starch, 1.5 fl oz hydrogen peroxide, and one tablespoon salt. Mix it all up, put the mix on the stains, let it dry, and then clean it off with a wet brush.
  • The easiest way to get rid of dust on upholstery is to cover it with a wet sheet and beat it a little.

The perfect shelf dwellers

  • If you find mold in a book, dry it with a hairdryer, put a piece of dense paper under the page, and apply some peroxide to the visible stain. Don’t forget to clean the stain with a cloth in 20 minutes.
  • Wash stuffed toys in warm water, adding some fabric softener, then dry them and apply antistatic; they’ll end up with less dust on them.
  • Mix a generous amount of salt with warm water and wash your crockery and ceramic figurines with this solution to easily remove the toughest stains without damaging even the most delicate coating. Dry-clean everything with a cloth after washing.

The shining bathroom

  • If you don’t have any cleanser for the tub and sink, you can remove rust stains with bleach (just make sure it doesn’t contain chlorine).
  • Get rid of water stains and mold on your shower curtain by adding some chlorine-free bleach to the washing machine, and let the curtain dry in fresh air afterward.
  • To save yourself the trouble of fogged-over bathroom mirror, cover it with a special solution or just apply a teaspoon of gelatin dissolved in a glass of water.
  • Due to its acidic nature, Coca-Cola can be used to make your bathroom faucets sparkle again. Remove the cap of a Coca-Cola plastic bottle and insert a trigger spray head into the open bottle neck. Spray it on the faucets, and then rub the entire surface with a cloth. The result will be simply fantastic!

Kitchen from a magazine cover

  • Wash and clean the insides of drawers with a weak solution of water and lemon juice. This will get rid of smells.
  • If you smell something unpleasant in the fridge after cleaning it up, put a glass of freshly ground coffee inside it.
  • There’s no need to spend so much time scrubbing the kitchen sink; plug it and fill it with water, adding some chlorine-free bleach. Unplug the sink after an hour and rinse it with dish detergent.

Your flowers deserve to be clean, too

  • Spring cleaning is about everything you have in your house, so your flowers should also be taken care of. First, cover the soil with PE bags; they won’t let the ground wash off the pots. Put several pots with plants in the tub, spray with warm water and leave them like that for 15-20 minutes. Repeat with the next batch. Throw away all wilted flowers along with their pots.

Finishing touches

  • Finally, if you have enough energy left over, do something nice for your dwelling. Put on a new tablecloth, for instance, change the cushion covers with those more fitting for spring, or hang new, bright towels in the bathroom. Then sprinkle a bit of perfume in the air and go celebrate the end of your super-clean!
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