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7 mundane objects that can be turned into stylish home decorations

Home sweet home! From time to time, all of us face the same question — how do we add fresh decorative touches to our living space while preserving our budget? The latest trends in home decoration can offer some useful answers to this question. The great news is that you don’t have to be a millionaire with a diploma in interior design to make the rooms in your house look unique and vibrant!

Today, Bright Side presents you with a selection of approaches to interior decoration that will add that special something to your house or apartment, but won’t cost you a dime!

Dust off your old bike

A great idea for a loft decoration that will also work for teenagers’ bedrooms and just about any other room in the house, provided it’s inhabitants are young (or young at heart) and have a fondness for speed and active recreation.

Bring the forest into your home

Over the past decade, Nature has become one of the central themes in interior design. Don’t let this style’s simplicity put you off. When used as decorative items, painted branches and tree-trunk segments can be both beautiful and functional. Just think of the many possibilities! To name but a few, such gifts of nature can be used to create unique coat hangers, room partitions, shelves and panels. It’s a great option for decorating your flat or country house.

Give new life to redundant glassware

Every household tends to accumulate excess glassware. It almost seems as if those unused jars of various shapes and sizes multiply by themselves, piling up on our shelves. Well, now you can give those clinking hordes a chance to become full-fledged elements of your home decor! Use your fantasy to transform humble glass jars into vases, lamp shades, flowerpots, wall-mounted decorations and numerous other stylish interior design items.

A stepladder to heaven

Even an old wooden stepladder can become a pièce de résistance of your house’s interior design. Give the ladder a more presentable look by covering it with a new coat of paint and varnish, and — voilà! — the seemingly redundant object is ready to serve you in a new function! It can become a coat hanger, a towel holder, a bookshelf, a trinket stand or even a chair.

Make your old suitcase useful once again

A simple suitcase can prove utterly invaluable for finalizing interior designs of various types, from Art Deco to Scandinavian Minimalism. Cleaned and mended old suitcases can be transformed into coffee tables, magazine racks, utility boxes or tuffets. Suitcases are perfect for artistic experimentation — you can paint them different colors, coat them in layers of decorative paper, or make them look older or newer than they actually are. Use your imagination; you’re sure to come up with some beautiful, functional and highly creative results.

Сrayons and a broken flower pot — you do not need more for these works of art!

You can watch how to do these amazing things here and here.

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