8 Designer Secrets to Make Your Home Worthy of a Magazine Cover

Walking around IKEA, the world’s most famous furniture store, you notice that all their interiors have a lot in common: they’re all original, wisely organized, and incredibly cozy.

Bright Side decided to learn the tricks of Scandinavian interior organization, as used by IKEA designers. Here’s what you should do to make your home look as attractive and unique as those on magazine covers.

8. Choose the right color.

The color of a room visually changes it: for example, light colors can make even a small apartment look more spacious. Yet recently there’s a tendency in most homes toward "50 shades of beige." Yes, this color looks aristocratic, but beige isn’t the only good-looking color. You can choose light blue, lavender, mint, different shades of gray — they will all look fresh and no less luxurious.

Here's an example of gray in an interior.

7. Use the right accents.

Bright accents on a monotonous background can become the highlight of your interior. These can be vivid pillows, rugs, lampshades, paintings — everything!

You can also add accents with the help of geometric and abstract patterns.

6. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

Dare to experiment not only with furniture and accessories but also with such basic things as flooring. Just remember that an "active" floor demands other elements to be more or less neutral so as not to let everything turn into an extravagant mixture.

5. Play with space.

Color is not the only way to make an apartment more spacious. Mirrors, for example, can also visually enlarge a space.

4. Choose the right lighting.

The more light, the better. You can use completely different lighting patterns: central lighting, recessed lighting, accent lighting, desk lamps, floor lamps, etc.

3. Don’t forget about the decor.

Don’t hesitate to use plants in your interior. They will make any room look fresh.

All kinds of accessories — soft covers, rugs, decorative pillows, abstract paintings, posters, minimalistic clocks, bright flowerpots, weaved baskets, vases with fruits — will all make a room soft and liven it up.

2. Don’t overdo it.

The traditional ceiling — even and plastered — is the best choice. Try to avoid multi-level constructions and stucco work!

1. The only thing you can overdo is the bed!

Remember: if there’s a bed in a bedroom, it should look royal. Use covers, lots of pillows, and soft rugs. The bed should become the coziest place in your home...so cozy that you’ll want to lie down as soon as you see it.

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