8 Mistakes We Make When We Try to Cheap Out on Renovations

Renovations are both time-consuming and expensive. We want to do everything as well as possible and as cheap as possible. Even though we can find materials today at a good price, there are still some things we should never cheap out on. If you buy bad materials for the most basic purposes, you are bound to have to pay twice to fix your mistakes. But it is not just about money. Did you know low-quality windows made of PVC can increase your risk of allergies and asthma?

We at Bright Side want to prevent you from making these mistakes, so we are going to tell you which parts of home renovations are actually worth the money.

Floor coverings

The first reason why you should choose a high-quality floor covering is that replacing the cheaper options will be really hard. Before you buy the covering, make sure you understand where exactly you want this surface.

If it is going in the kitchen or the bathroom, it is better to buy tile, because if water leaks onto laminate, you will have to replace it. As for other rooms, regular laminate and high-quality linoleum are equally good.

Wallpaper or any other wall surface

Even when it comes to the cheapest projects, designers recommend buying premium-segment wallpapers or wall paint. The thing is, good paint is easier to put on the wall and you’ll need less of it, compared to cheaper options. And expensive wallpapers are harder to damage.

Also, good paint is more durable. It doesn’t get bleached by the sun as much, so the walls will remain bright for a longer time and it also doesn’t cause allergic reactions.


If you are doing a renovation in the winter, it is much easier: you can check to see if the current radiators are doing the job right. If the renovation is happening in the summer, it is better to buy good radiators right away, because changing them later will require new pipes, which are a lot of work (and a huge mess) to install.

Good radiators have a regulator to help you set the proper temperature and make you feel comfortable.


In bad toilets, the paint on the button disappears in a few years, it will start to not work as well, and the cheap insides of the water box might stop working. If you are planning to put the water box behind the wall, make sure you are buying very good equipment, so you don’t have to change it several years later. By the way, in more expensive models, toilets are covered with special anti-bacterial layers.

Waterproofing and ventilation

The danger of skimping on pipes and similar equipment is that you can’t understand right away that something is wrong. Buy premium materials and hire the most qualified workers. This way, you will decrease the chances of flooding your neighbor’s apartment or ruining your own. Unfortunately, waterproofing is something you have to do very well and be careful with because modern apartment buildings don’t have any of these systems built-in.

Also, make sure you have a good ventilation system in the bathroom to prevent the formation of mold in such a humid atmosphere.

Wood and wooden constructions

Aside from the fact that low-quality wood constructions (like doors or furniture) crack very fast, they can also be pretty dangerous for your health because of the formaldehyde they contain.

It is better to choose furniture made of pine: it has a soft texture and a limited color variety, but it is more soundproof, and not as expensive as it looks.


If you want your drawers to move smoothly or if you don’t like your cabinet doors to make sounds, choose high-quality accessories. You don’t have to spend a whole lot of money to find a good manufacturer. We think that you should buy parts in advance, in case something breaks down several years later. Then you can easily replace it without changing all the accessories, to make them all look the same.


It’s not about the quality of the sockets (obviously, it should be very high to avoid fire hazards) but about the number.

It is better to have more sockets that fewer than you need. Otherwise, there will be miles of cords all around your house. Also, make sure you hire the best professionals that know how to properly and professionally install outlets.

What other renovation mistakes would you add to this list?

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