9 Home Items That Can Turn Toxic If You Don’t Use Them the Right Way

Bleach is perhaps the best known hazardous home item, but there are many other items that can be linked to health problems. Things that we use in our day to day life may prove to be unhealthy for us, like air fresheners and laser printers.

Here at Bright Side we have formed a list of household products that can be unhealthy and dangerous if used incorrectly.

1. Aluminum foil

This handy household item may have harmful health effects as the aluminum particles can transfer to your food. According to a study, especially when you cook your food wrapped in aluminum foil, you may be consuming higher levels of alum than recommended.

The health effects of eating too much alum within your diet have possible links to diseases and can aggravate others such as Crohn’s disease. The effects of using aluminum foil can make your life uncomfortable by causing flareups of already existing conditions.

2. Non-stick pans

While these handy kitchen utensils save us so much time when it comes to cleaning pans, they may cause more serious health concerns. Because they are coated in polyfluoroalkyl chemicals (PFC), they can release toxic gases and chemicals when heated.

Studies have found that PFCs can enter your food from non-stick pans, as well as from food packaging. Actually, further studies show that a staggering 98% of the US population has PFC in their blood when tested.

3. Drain and oven cleaners

Because oven and drain cleaners are designed to remove grime and blockages, they can be dangerous for our health. Oven cleaners contain corrosive alkalis, which means that they may cause burns, respiratory issues, and more if inhaled or spilled on the skin.

Drain cleaners also have health risks if inhaled, ingested, or if they come into contact with your eyes and can cause poisoning. This is because it contains Sulfur Trioxide and Sulfuric Acid, ingredients that can be very hazardous for your health.

4. Plastic storage containers

Plastic storage containers are handy for carrying our lunch to work, however they may also be leaching nasty chemicals into your food if you use a microwave to heat them up. These chemicals are called BPA and we are consuming them from plastics, like storage boxes and bottles.

Heating plastic boxes in the microwave may mean that you are eating more BPA, which seem to be connected to serious health effects like cancer, infertility, diabetes, and obesity.

5. Air fresheners

We all love a good air freshener that improves our experience at home, whether to mask odors from animals or to freshen up the home for guests. However, these sprays may cause health problems, according to several studies.

One study says that they might affect reproduction development, and another implies that they can cause migraines and breathing problems.

6. Mothballs

Mothballs are extremely practical for keeping your clothes fresh and protected from moths but they may also cause health problems. Because they contain naphthalene —— which evaporates and gives mothballs their smell —— they can cause damage to your red blood cells.

Inhaling mothballs can be dangerous and lead to serious health problems, like cataracts and liver complications. If used incorrectly, this item can be bad for your health and the rest of your household.

7. Laser printers

This necessary machine in every workplace and most homes may actually be bad for your health. One study says that laser printers can release particles into the air, similar to the amount from cigarette smoke. Because the particles are so small, they can cause health some bad health issues when they are inhaled into the body.

A study suggests that because of the potential health risks of laser printers, you should leave the room when doing a large print job and open the windows.

8. Batteries

Batteries are something we all own and need, but they can also be dangerous for our health if used incorrectly. This is because many are made with sulfuric acid which is harmful for the skin if it leaks out.

A study says that lithium-ion batteries (the ones we use in our phones) can be particularly harmful if they are damaged. This is because they can release a toxic fluoride gas, which is dangerous for our health, especially if the battery catches fire.

9. Bleach

Almost every home has bleach, the chemical that is guaranteed to get your home sparkling clean. The hazards of bleach are well known, as it can cause burns, blindness, and breathing problems. A study also says that it may be linked to asthma symptoms, when using it while cleaning.

When it comes to cleaning, mixing bleach with other cleaning products can be very harmful because it can cause a chemical reaction with dangerous fumes and gasses, such as chlorine gas.

Are there certain household items that you avoid? Do you use replacements for the ones we have mentioned here? If so, we would love to hear about which alternatives you use!

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