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Seven tips that will help you renew your apartment

Have you ever noticed that you shine with happiness when you are outdoors but feel weakened at home? If your answer is 'yes,' it's definitely time to renew your house and let summer in!
We at Bright Side have gathered seven simple ideas that will make your house a joyful and inspiring place!

Let in some air

All changes start with cleaning. Open all the windows, wash them, and let some air into all the rooms. Throw away all the old junk without mercy. Get rid of unnecessary things you have stocked up for a long time but never used. This stuff just fills your apartment up. Try doing this and you will breathe much more freely. What's more, it's such a pleasure to free some space in your house!

Colors influence our mood

You won't believe how easily the atmosphere in a house changes after a renewal. Try applying light and fresh colors like yellow, light green, turquoise, or mint. It doesn't mean that you should decorate your apartment in shocking colors to make it bright - subtle hues work perfectly. 
If you are not ready for global changes such as painting walls or buying new furniture, you can add just a few small things that will change your interior: colorful curtains, flowers in a vase, or beautiful pillows. These details will definitely freshen up your house.

Let everything bloom!

Potted plants turn any apartment into a wonderful garden. Flowers and plants will improve the environment of your house and animate the room. They will certainly bring a lot of inspiration and lightness to you!
You can find lots of different types of pots and vases. They can be hanging, have a lace effect, or be made from some exotic material like coconut. Using only flowers and plants, you will change your space completely.

Ingenious color choices

If you are brave enough you can...paint the walls in a bright color! Less radical choices are vinyl wall stickers and murals. Using these, you can redesign your house in a creative way: decorate your walls with fantastic flowers, flying birds, a tree, and many other things.
Finally, you can make a collage of your favorite photos to inspire you every day.

Country style

The countryside is associated with sun, peace, and summer. Why not decorate your apartment in a country style? Cane furniture, a country-style tablecloth, and flowers in vases will create the peaceful atmosphere of the countryside. Open the windows, enjoy a cup of coffee, and just slow down the tempo of your life for a while. Done! Summer is here, in your house.

Don't forget about the details

Make yourself happy with a new bright and colorful dish, a printed mug, a lime and green bowl, or colored glasses for wine. This will easily boost your mood and appetite!

Low-cost options

If you think that a renewal of your house will cost you an arm and a leg, relax! Many chain stores offer a great number of high-quality pieces of furniture that aren't expensive at all. But really exclusive products can be found at some unexpected places such as flea markets, curiosity shops, or even your own attic.

Summer is a time of change and renewal. So why not start with the most important place - your house?

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