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Ten easy ways to reinvent your kitchen in less than an hour

With the coming of warm summer days, all of us feel the urge to transform our living space, to reimagine the familiar environment. But the mere thought of the noise, dirt, and heavy expenditures that accompany any serious renovation can send your mood plunging. As a result, our intentions seldom become reality!

We at the Bright Side team love all kinds of creative solutions that give a place character and individuality. Especially when such projects require very little time, skills, and materials. Today, we offer you some tips on how to reinvent your kitchen in time for the summer season! 

Add color to your cutting boards 

Color-coding your cutting boards in such a way will make them look trendy and help you to easily differentiate between them. 

Add a spot of greenery 

Adding a spot of greenery, as described in this blog, will not only enliven your kitchen but also fill it with fresh aromas!

Personalize your coasters

Even such a trifling matter as adding vibrancy to your coasters can serve to bring uniqueness to your kitchen space. 

Turn flowerpots into kitchen utensil holders 

As this blog's author proposes, a few brightly colored flowerpots fitted with decorative tags can serve as stylish holders for your knives and forks! 

Use glass mosaics to decorate your trays 

With the help of this instruction, you can easily turn your unpretentious white kitchen tray into a work of art. 

Hang flowerpots in unusual places 

For instance, a hanging flowerpot will look great above your kitchen sink. 

Reinvent those boring cups and mugs!

You can find tips on how to use nail varnish to make your cups look original here.

Add uniqueness to your towels

You can easily turn those uninteresting-looking white towels into eye-catching and memorable pieces of interior decoration. To find out more, click here.

Find new uses for redundant wooden boards 

Even such mundane objects as wooden boards can be turned into design masterpieces. You can find the proof of our words here.

Transform cake baking forms into flowerpots

Plants provide one of the easiest solutions for renovating your interior - especially if you're using an unconventional approach, along the lines of the one described in this article.

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