Ten stylish but practical ideas for rearranging things in your kitchen

In any flat, the kitchen is a special place. It's where we share heartfelt conversations with friends. It's where we spend time creating our inimitable culinary masterpieces. And it's where we sneak to in the middle of the night for those tasty cookies and a glass of milk! 

We at Bright Side believe that everything in our kitchens should be both aesthetically pleasing and sensibly arranged. Luckily, all this requires takes is some small amount of effort and a dash of spicy creativity. 

A multi-purpose wooden panel 

You can easily turn this idea into reality with your own hands. This modification will provide you with ample storage space. You might even find that you no longer need a kitchen cupboard! 

Get hooked on simplicity

Why clutter up valuable space with bulky cupboards, when you can keep all of your kitchenware on wall-mounted hooks? A tried and tested method with a hint of modern style. 

A magnetic board 

Not only does a magnetic kitchen board look ultra-fashionable, it also ensures that you'll never lose track of the things you need. You can find all the details about these boards (inventory selection, wall mounting options, design, and so on) at this site.

A wall-mounted grid

Take a wire grid panel, apply a touch of effort and creativity, and - hey presto! - you've got a wonderful rack for your serving spoons to adorn your kitchen wall. To find out how you can make this useful contraption with the help of only a spray paint can and a pair of hooks, click here.

Keep all your saucepans handy

With this kind of lovely, multi-storey stand, your favorite saucepans will always have a special place in your kitchen! 

Inbuilt shelves 

This is a design that looks original, never fails to attract attention and presents one of the best solutions for solving storage problems in a cramped kitchen.

         Hang your shelves right above the working area 

This is ideal for those who like to keep everything within reach. This set up allows you to arrange your dishes to dry right after you've washed them. Also, you won't need to search the kitchen for ingredients next time you're cooking something special! 

      A combination of epic design and functionality 

A brilliant solution for those who want their rooms to look both reasonably outlandish and functional! You can store all of your kitchenware in this fashion. Place the things you need most often on lower shelves (everything else can be stored higher up the wall). A design like this also leaves space for some laconic decorative elements. 

An interplay of colors and textures 

A simple, yet bright and appealing set up, in which all design elements both supplement and contrast each other, while retaining functionality. This allows you to create the maximally comfortable kitchen environment. 

Amazing 'floating' jars 

This cheap and imaginative design approach allows you to free up cupboards and shelves, creating more storage room. Simply screw jar lids to the underside of a wall-mounted shelf or some other surface. You can find thorough instructions here.

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