The 11 Most Dangerous Things in Your Kitchen You Didn’t Know About

There are things we use in our kitchen every day. They are very ordinary and seem to be quite harmless, and we have never thought about how dangerous they can be.

Bright Side decided to share this important information with you. It will definitely change some of your habits.

11. Plastic food storage containers

To make the plastic flexible, some manufacturers add special chemicals, which can cause serious health problems. We are pretty sure you don't want these chemicals in your food or in your body.

10. Kitchen sink

If food particles from your dishes stay in your sink for some time, they start creating a breeding ground for bacteria like salmonella and many others. The kitchen sink can be a really dirty place.

9. Knives

Your knives should always stay sharp. If they are not sharp enough, they may slip when you try to cut something, damaging your hands or other body parts.

8. Sponges

The average kitchen sponge grows bacteria very quickly. Rinsing it doesn't prevent harmful pathogens from multiplying. To kill bacteria, you can microwave the wet sponge or soak it in diluted bleach for a couple of minutes. Or just put it in the dishwasher on the longest and hottest cycle.

7. Hand towels

Kitchen towels are one of the dirtiest things in your kitchen. You touch them all the time – even before washing your hands, and then again while cooking. That's a way for bacteria to get into your food.

6. Air fresheners

Chemicals found in all kinds of air fresheners can cause lung damage or even cancer. So you'd better air your kitchen and take out the trash regularly.

5. Gas oven

Never forget to check if you've turned it off before going to bed or leaving the house. It will keep you and others safe from the dangers of the gas released from the burners.

4. Nonstick cookware

Overheated Teflon can emit toxic fumes. So, in this case, it's better to use some old-fashioned and well-tried tools.

3. Meat grinder

Meat grinders are very powerful. Please, keep your fingers away from the grinder. It always has a special tool to push the meat down into the grinder, which you have to use so as not to damage your hands.

2. Garbage disposal

This thing is only for garbage! You should never put your fingers in it. Even if you drop something in there, don't try to pull it out with your hands.

1. Cutting boards

Always use separate cutting boards for meat and vegetables. Raw meat can contain bacteria that cause serious illnesses. And never use damaged or cracked ones because cracks are perfect places for bacteria multiplication.

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