The 20 best color combos for your bedroom

Choosing the best color combinations is the first thing you should deal with when it comes to redesigning your room or apartment. It's important to make sure you've found the right combination that will make your place look stylish, modern and harmonious.

We here at Bright Side have found some seriously useful tips on how to choose the ideal color pattern for your bedroom. Once you pick the right colors for you, the chances are you'll end up spending a whole lot more time there!

Turquoise and green

Lilac and gray

Red and blue

Beige and turquoise

Green and pink

Mustard and berries

Orange and brown

Mustard yellow, red, and blue

Purple and blue

White, black and blue

Coral and beige

Gray and gold

Turquoise and brown

Peach and green

Green and coral

Dark turquoise and gold

White, orange and black

Orange and blue

Dark-blue and red

Lemon and gray

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