The Top 9 Butter Inventions You Need to See

Everyone knows how difficult it is to cut off a piece of chilled butter: the knife constantly slips, and the pieces are either too thin or too thick.

The Bright Side team found 9 inventions that will help you easily cope with this task.

Silicone sleeve

With this device, you don't need to get your hands or knife dirty when buttering something hot, such as corn. All you need to do is put the butter into the sleeve, and squeeze a little when applying it.


Load a stick of butter into the device, press the button, and a thin piece is already on your toast. By the way, you can also use it for cheese.

Multiple cutter

This slicer is designed to cut several pieces at once, which means you can make several sandwiches at the same time.

Butter mill

Everything's simple here: put butter inside, close the mill, turn, and soft butter shavings fall on your sandwich.

Hot knife

A hot knife can cope with heavily frozen butter and also with ice cream, sugared honey, or jam.


This device is used both as a container and a dispenser. It has a slider that pushes butter out and a scale indicating the quantity. You can cut a piece off with a simple push.

Butter knife

This knife allows you to cut butter as you wish: pieces, shavings, or a long narrow strip. It can easily cope even with frozen butter, and thin shavings will quickly melt and easily lie on a slice of bread.

Butter fondue

Put a piece of butter in a ceramic cup, light a candle, and in several minutes this stylish and simple device will turn common butter into melted.

Home butter churn

And this brilliant device is for those who have always wanted to make butter themselves. Cream and a little effort are all you need to have homemade butter on your table.

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