What to do when your child is too old for their crib

It’s really sad to admit that kids grow very fast. Only yesterday your cute little baby slept in a crib and today he is graduating from high school. With the end of the childhood, a lot of stuff is no longer useful, but we are not ready to get rid of it. And therefore, old cribs just gather dust in the garage or attic.

We at Bright Side advise you not to sell your old crib because you can transform it into something much more practical and awesome!


Garden or entryway bench

A crib can easily be turned into a nice wooden bench, which is an essential attribute for any garden. And also, such a bench will look absolutely great in the entryway.


Play corner

Children really love different tents and blanket forts. Therefore, if your child doesn't sleep in the crib anymore but is still little, you can create a cool play corner. The upper side would be a perfect extra place for extra storage.


A desk

If it’s time for your kid to start preparing for school, you can easily make a desk for your future student.


Blackboard easel

A blackboard easel is more difficult to make than other things, but it looks cool and no one will have a similar one.



From a crib to a real bed.


A table

After following a few simple steps, you’ll get a nice table for garden working.


Baby or pet gate

If you have a baby or pet, you’ll definitely need this very practical gate. No one will be able to escape.


A rack

This can be a clothing rack, magazine rack, or jewelry organizer.


Dish organizer

This can also be a practical rack for storing your dishes in the kitchen.


A crib

It may sound irrational, but you can actually refurbish an old crib into a new one. Children grow fast, so how many more beds will you need? Instead, you can make this nice bed for an older baby yourself. And as it’s a two-tier one, it’ll be perfect for twins.

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