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10 Sneaky Hacks Celebs Use to Make Themselves Look Better in Photos

When we scroll through our favorite celebrity photos on social media and look at how gorgeous they are, we can’t help but assume that they’re using photoshop to achieve that flawless look; but let’s face it, nobody has time for that. Their secret is not really in the editing process — it’s in the technical process of taking a photo that makes them look like true goddesses.

We, the Bright Side team studied some of these celebrity accounts and discovered the simplest yet most intriguing tricks they use which helped them master the art of taking jaw-dropping selfies.

1. Squinting

This is the latest trick most celebrities use when posing in order to make themselves appear more flirty, young, and feminine. They slightly narrow their eyes and curve their lips into a tiny smile without pressing them too much. This trick helps to raise your cheekbones and make your face appear younger.

​2. Wearing their hair on the side

We can all learn a few things from the master of taking photos, Kylie Jenner, who always poses with her hair on the right side. Having your hair on the side can define your jawline a lot better and give you a stunning look, this helps to frame your face while also showcasing the whole length of your hair.

3. Use the “smize” method

The infamous “smize” was first mentioned by Tyra Banks in our beloved show America’s Next Top Model and taught models exactly how to pose for the camera on certain occasions. The smize means to genuinely smile using your eyes by squinting them slightly. This will make your smile look more authentic, without even having to move your lips.

4. Pressing your tongue against your palate

Defined cheekbones are something that can be achieved with contouring. But what about those times when we have no makeup on? Well, the trick is to push your tongue on your palette and smile while keeping your mouth closed. This will raise your cheekbones and help them appear more defined.

5. Shooting photos from above

Shooting from above improves the way you will appear in photos and we can see this technique in most selfie pictures that our favorite celebs post. There will be no double chin or bad lighting to alter the beautiful features of your face. So, next time you take a selfie or you ask someone to take a cute photo of you, you’ll know how to guide them.

6.The pursed lips trick

Pursed lips are the mildest version of duck lips and some celebrities, like Chrissy Teigen and Hilary Duff, have perfected the pursing-lips technique. The simplest way to achieve this is to move your nose muscles downward so that the upper lip looks poutier. This makes your lips appear bigger and it gives you a gorgeous facial pose.

7. The laughing smile technique

It’s not a true laugh and it’s not just a smile, it’s simple quiet smiling with your mouth slightly open and your eyes squinting. If you feel like the pursed lips are not your thing, then a laugh-smile is the way to go. It brings out the adorable side of you in the picture and it makes you look younger and more fun. Sometimes posing might seem a bit pretentious if you don’t know how do it, but by adding the laugh-smile into the mixt you can never go wrong.

8. Your left side is always your good side.

We’ve all heard people telling us that we need to find our best side when taking a selfie. But have you noticed how all celebrities take pictures only showing their left side? It’s evident and has been thoroughly researched. According to Wake Forest University, the left side is always more active since the right hemisphere of the brain is responsible for understanding and expressing emotions visually. So, our left side is more expressive, subtle, and balanced than our right side.

9. The chin-down method

Just like the “shooting photos from above” method that we mentioned earlier, the chin down works in a similar way, but this trick also makes you appear more flirty and feminine. By tilting your head down slightly, it will help you get rid of the double chin and make your jawline appear more defined. In addition, it makes your eyes appear bigger, automatically making you look younger and more attractive.

​10. Looking away from the camera

Looking away from the camera makes everyone look better in photos, rather than looking directly at it. It gives a sense that the photo was spontaneously taken and that the person just happened to be there while the photo was taken. This will make your picture appear more natural and it will create a narrative making the viewer wonder what you are focusing on.

Just by trying out a few tips and tricks, you can find out what works best for you. What are your thoughts about these tips? We'd love to hear what tips and tricks you can give us as well in the comments.