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13 Amusing Photos in Which All Tall People Will Recognize Themselves

It seems that everything in this world is made for people of average height. Being tall causes a person to bend down, squat, or kneel almost anywhere in the world. However, tall people never give up and always find a way out of any situation, even if sometimes it looks ridiculous.

We at Bright Side have gathered together 12 funny pictures that everyone who is literally head and shoulders above the others will understand.

Even the simplest things require much effort.

You have to squat often...

...and bend down as well.

Relaxing in the shower is always a challenge.

You can’t enjoy your flight either.

Any room can be a serious hazard.

Slides are definitely not your thing.

Your feet have never actually been on a bed.

A "full-length" mirror. Seriously?

Guess you could call that long distance relationship.

Wedding photos can turn out funny.

But you can always find a creative solution

Just always stay in a good mood!

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