15 heart-warming pictures of pure happiness

Happiness is an amazing feeling that is luckily experienced by almost everyone at some point in their lives. It's that moment when we want to sing, dance, jump like crazy, laugh, or sometimes even cry. Each finds his or her own happiness, though - for some it's in the birth of their baby, for others it's in going to faraway countries, and yet others see it in a simple meeting with a friend.

Today, we at Bright Side bring you some uplifting pictures of happy creatures - both human and animal - that are full of love and warmth.

Happiness is...becoming mom and dad

Fooling around and doing nothing

Getting a long wished-for present

Doing whatever you want, whatever the consequences

Being part of a big family

Finding a true friend

Going on the journey of a lifetime

Having someone to rely on

Moving forward, whatever the challenges

Organising a nice surprise for someone

Doing a good deed

Having nowhere to hurry to in the morning

Being by your beloved's side

When everyone's home

Just chillin'!

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