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15 incredibly rare photos of famous people as you’ve never seen them before

Isn’t it great that apart from polished, well-known photos from glossy magazines, we sometimes still manage to find truly rare shots of famous people? Ones where they’re just hanging out, doing everyday stuff, being themselves. We at Bright Side definitely love us some of those!

Frida Kahlo when she was four years old, 1911

David Bowie plays chess with his 'The Hunger' co-star, Catherine Deneuve, 1982

Elton John playing the piano at a bar aboard his private plane, as one does, 1976

Charlie Chaplin and Mahatma Gandhi

Bruce Lee - the Hong Kong Cha Cha champion, 1958

Robert Englund and his sweet moves behind the scenes on the set of 'A Nightmare on Elm Street,' 1984

Farrokh Bulsara (friends called him Freddie Mercury), 1950

Salvador Dali and Walt Disney, plotting away in 1957

A young Lady Diana Spencer, future Princess of Wales, with her pet guinea pig, Peanuts

Frank Sinatra enjoying his pancakes

'Chaplin' (Michael Jackson)

A young Cristiano Ronaldo with his mother

Prince Charles tearing up the dance floor while Cossack dancing, 1980s

Albert Einstein visiting the Grand Canyon, 1922

Clint Eastwood, all casual, breaking our poor hearts since 1956

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