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15 outstanding photos from a bird’s-eye view

High-altitude photography is becoming more popular these days. Photographers take pictures from quadrocopters, helicopters, satellites, and even paragliders to get the most unusual and stunning shots. This new angle of things helps us look at our world in a different way and inspires us to make more discoveries every day.

Bright Side collected 15 photos which show how incredibly beautiful our planet looks from up above.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Wow, I can't believe how wide it is!

Tahiti, Polynesia

''We've been walking for two hours. Will it become any deeper?''

Hayden Lake is beautiful from any angle.

Nice, France

There are no doors! This makes me scared just looking at them.

New Caledonia 

Our planet loves us. Let's love it back.

Marrakech, Morocco

I feel sorry for the people who have to vacuum all these carpets...

This wingspan is really impressive.

Hong Kong

That's what the "urban star sky" looks like.

Niger, Africa

Salt extraction from clay turns the Sahara plains into colorful pictures.

Lake Natron, Tanzania

Fifty shades of red.

I'm going to review traffic rules right now.

Amboseli National Park, Kenya

The green part is a lake. The water could be neck-high for a human.

Wadi Mitan Desert in Oman

It looks like a huge shadow theater. A scary one.

Every November, lots of people come to the Ice Fish Festival in Korea.

The Solomon Sea

Woah, I'm feeling dizzy!

The Tsavo National Park, Kenya

This is the tree of life and its incredible power.

I can see who is slacking off.

Guntur, India

Loot at this chili field and the brave farmer in these hot spices!

The Hookah Festival suspends city life for a few hours. 

Now I know where to hide to never be found!

Preview photo credit George Steinmetz
Based on materials from Sources:, Dronestagram, George Steinmetz, Yann Arthus Bertrand 
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