15 People Who Are Slaying the Selfie Game

Selfies are art. No one can really disagree with this in the age of Snapchat, Instagram, and Tinder. But what if you have great ambitions and limited means?

Bright Side presents to you people who are more than resourceful – they are slaying the selfie game.

I bet this vacation was a bargain.

At least his girlfriend is not the jealous type. Or the existing type.

This kitchen is so new it's still in the store.

2 fingers, a couple of filters, and you're da boss!

So much booze! Oh...

Widescreen + second room = flat-screen

Who needs dental?

With her man. Who doesn't argue much.

Cuddles are not always sweet...also slightly creepy.

Real gold, y'all.

Check out his ride!

50 Cent's new Range Rover

That bae's so spoiled!

Live from the stadium...

Dat stack of cash, tho.

Are your pictures on par with these geniuses?

Preview photo credit katxenos/twitter
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