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15 Photo Parodies Showing How Men See Women on Instagram

An Imgur user with the nickname gilbertjasono recently visited Ponta dos Ganchos, where Instagram models from Brazil usually spend their vacations. He tried to recreate popular photos of these girls.

This photo session inspired Bright Side to compile funny photos where men tried to parody Insta-clichés popular among women.

What do we need for a successful autumn selfie? A scarf, a coffee, and a cutie.

I am at the sea, and I urgently need a new profile picture.

Posture: maximum natural

Bachelorette party

Mermaid. No, merman to be more exact.

The 3 Graces. Reproduction.

No fringe? No problem. A beard is always there to help you.

This is who should act in shampoo commercials.

I could hardly decide what to wear.

Assol. 2.0

To get a duckface, just say "Boo!"

When you went to the sea with your friend:

Take a photo of me in my new shorts.

The most charming and attractive

Girls, we are gorgeous.

Which picture did you like the most? Share in the comments!

Preview photo credit Brosbeingbasic / Instagram
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