15 Photos Showing All the Love of the World

Sometimes, a single photo can tell a whole life story better than any words ever could. Such photos overflow with emotions, and each of them bowls you over.

Bright Side collected 15 pictures that are exactly like this: about love in all its various forms.

Actor and comedian Patton Oswalt celebrates receiving an Emmy award several months after the death of his wife

A mother's message to a missing son

A mother listens how her deceased son's heart beats in the chest of the girl whom it was transplanted to

This woman's husband has passed away, but she still dines with him every day

I saw this on a key fob in a taxi

Last minutes with a faithful friend

This little guy's parents made his wheelchair a part of his Halloween costume

I was feeling sad, so I went out for a short walk. When I saw this, it made me feel so good. Thank you, kind stranger!

This girl invited a lonely elderly gentleman on a "date" when she found out he would be celebrating Christmas alone. He came in his best suit and with a bouquet.

An employee at a nature reserve sits next to a rhinoceros who fell victim to poachers

"Miss Thailand 2015" kneels before her mother, who has worked collecting garbage for years so that she could raise her

A note that was found tied to a balloon

In the morning, I was sitting in a cafe next to this couple. This man's name is John; his wife Linda lost her memory, and now she's learning to read again, and he's helping her with the alphabet. Patience, understanding, and love in its pure form.

An inscription on a gravestone

This couple is simply charming

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