15 Pictures to Restore Your Faith in Kindness

Unfortunately, the everyday news doesn't really boast much optimism nowadays. However, the world isn't such a bad place!

We at Bright Side want to share a selection of pictures to show you how kind living creatures truly are. And don't miss the bonus point at the end of the article to see how a cry for help can actually be a lie that ultimately turns into something really good.

15. No one can stay unhappy when this little girl is around.

14. These parent birds are saving their baby.

13. In July 1925, Harry Warnecke, a photographer for the New York News, took a photo of a policeman who had stopped the cars to allow a cat and its kittens to cross the street.

12. A little boy in flooded Serbia is making it through deep waters carrying his puppy above his head.

11. An act of kindness in a downpour in China

10. This US marine is giving water to a Japanese girl he found in a cave. (1945, Okinawa)

9. This firefighter with a respirator is rescuing a mama cat while her kitten watches.

8. A young German soldier in pain is being treated by an American GI in 1944.

7. This man is giving up his shoes for an underprivileged teenager.

6. "My nephew made a friend in just 5 minutes." All children are born with love in their hearts, and we have to raise them that way too.

5. A major food chain network is doing good things.

4. This man is giving flowers to all the women on the subway.

3. A man is saving his dog during a flood in Thailand.

2. Sharing is caring, especially in this case.

1. When your friend really needs to make that call...


We all know that penguins are extremely cute, and everybody wants to save them. So in 2011, when there was a cry for help saying that penguins suffered from oil spills and needed sweaters, a bunch of people from all over the world responded and started knitting.

Little did they know that no penguin was going to wear that warm garment. It was actually the initiative of a local yarn shop in New Zealand, and they got very good publicity out of it. But some time later, those sweaters were used to dress toy penguins, and the money raised went to help wildlife conservation. The Penguin Foundation also uses the sweaters in its educational programs.

We hope these pictures gave you a much-needed boost of energy and motivation and that you started to believe in this world a little more! Maybe they even inspired you with an idea for your own act of kindness?

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