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16 Photographs of Ordinary Things That Left Us Speechless

Do you think that there's nothing more ordinary than a potato? What if we told you that it could be purple and that there are 4,000 types of potatoes that don't look like potatoes? And also we're sure that you don't know everything about ladybugs, clouds, or hedgehogs.

Bright Side collected some pictures of everyday things that are shown from a new and surprising angle. At the end of the article, there's a bonus - you'll finally find out why there are holes in jeans.

This is a baby ladybug.

Violet potatoes from Peru. There are 4,000 types of potatoes there.

Tree roots following the pattern of the tiles

Aloe Polyphylla plant

Unusual ice crystals

Nelson the Hedgehog has lost all his quills. Now he's massaged with special oils every day.

This is a condition called dermatographism. It's when a person can "write" on their skin and it appears as a rash.

Lenticular clouds, The Far East

"The Mona Lisa" made of spools of threads

Cranberry bog, Richmond, Canada

A Hungarian Mangalitsa curly-haired pig

It's just a pizza topped with scorpions.

A blue carpenter bee

A rainbow eucalyptus with colorful bark

A grape that has a giraffe on it

A gigantic bottle cap

Bonus: this is why you need holes in your jeans!

Which picture surprised you the most? Share your opinion with us in the comments!

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