18 breathtaking photos that will make you long for the sea

'The sea is a desert of waves,
A wilderness of water.'
― Langston Hughes

The sea. This amazing ecosystem covers 70 percent of our planet. We've sailed across its vast tracts, we've studied its depths; we've dived as deep as we can, countless writers have written about it, artists have painted it, musicians have dedicated songs to it. And yet it's still full of secret, mystery, and wonder.

Bright Side picked out 18 awe-inspiring photos of the briny deep for you. Be careful not to drown in its magnificence.

The sea is something truly extraordinary

Fascinating, beautiful and exciting

It's never the same

One day it can be frightening in its violence

And the next day it'll be soft and tender

You can stare at it forever

Its beauty is irresistible

It's sure to touch your heart

The sea was at the beginning of everything

And it will be at the end

It's never boring or the same

It keeps changing, every day, every minute


And immense

It will touch your soul

And make your heart beat faster

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