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18 Phenomenal Photos That Trick Our Eyes (Alert: the Degree of Deception Is Off the Scale)


Do you consider yourself an adult and a normal person with stable thinking? Yes? Then how can you explain an ET on the emblem of the World Cup, Chewbacca on a backpack, or bats hanging on the clothesline instead of socks? This world is definitely plotting something.

Bright Side collected photos that will make your fantasy work in enhanced mode.

At first, it might seem like these are just normal socks that are getting dry on the clothesline.

When you overdo it while stretching:

When you've been working hard on your muscle growth for the last... one second...

We all need time to understand what's going on here.

This little flower valley looks like a river.

Chewbacca, is that you?

These mustached violets are looking at you with reproach:

The emblem of the World Cup looks like a surprised alien from this angle.

Apparently, this cow has discovered a portal.

Look carefully at the background:

Forrest Gump got tired of running and decided to take a ride on some public transportation.

The grandson of the Headless Horseman:

A cloud in the shape of a hammer on an anvil:

It seems this dessert is feeling a little under the weather today.

This pickle looks like an emoji:

When you took your washing machine apart and saw Groot inside:

Taking the right photos:

What is happening here?

Do you have similar photos that we'll need to look at twice to understand the things happening in them? Please share them with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit Sudz705/reddit, quinnj86/reddit