18 Times People Absolutely Lost the Food Lottery

Sometimes people have a continuous winning streak in life, and at other times they seem to be destined for failure.

To prove the latter, Bright Side has collected 18 poor fellows who had some really bad luck with their food, much to their disappointment.

18. My tomato harvest for the day.

17. Tried out the bread maker I got for Christmas for the first time.

16. I'm not hungry anymore.

15. The "guaranteed sweet and juicy" watermelon we bought today.

14. Not making lemonade from this one.

13. My first home-grown potato (and the banana I have to eat for lunch instead).

12. The bread I bought last night to make sandwiches for work today.

11. Just got back from Elf village with these.

10. Found a cannonball in my avocado. So much for the guacamole I planned to make tonight.

9. This is one tiny ass pepper I got from my garden.

8. Fine. I’ll just go to the store for some juice.

7. I'm no botanist, but aren’t these supposed to grow a bit larger?

6. Is this some kind of bad joke?

5. I knew I could grow tomatoes the size of Roosevelt’s head.

4. In case you're wondering, no, I’m not a giant.

3. What I expected and what I actually got.

2. Behold! Our first ever strawberry harvest. We shall feast like kings tonight!

1. I had a terrible carb craving today, but I only found enough filling for one sandwich. So I had to improvise.

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