19 Photos That Were Made to Break Our Brain

Sometimes we need neither 3D effects nor virtual reality to see something amazing in everyday things.

Bright Side compiled 19 photos you need to look at twice to figure out what's going on.

How many dogs do you have?

This guy's legs are thinner than mine.

Got many compliments on my profile picture!

A girl took a photo of her cat as if he has only a head and one paw.

Whose tiny legs are these?

No, these are not earrings.

It's difficult to understand where the house is and where the picture starts.

It seems this man has sunk into his hobby...

Wait...who is holding the umbrella?

Referee or lord of snow?

Look twice...

It seems this head moved down a little.

Something is wrong with the proportions.

Is the hair in the picture? Or is it not a picture at all?

They managed to create a costume that makes them invisible!

Airplane mode is on.

It's not a trivial hairdo.

"So I managed to capture this optical illusion."

That's a flower!

Have you ever taken an epic photo that one needs to look at twice? We would be glad to see it in the comments!

Preview photo credit Galina Kovaleva
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