20 Before and After Doggie Adoption Photos That Show True Happiness Without Words

Every year, millions of homeless dogs are caught and put to sleep all over the world. According to statistics provided by The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), approximately 3.4 million cats and dogs are euthanized in the US. New owners for these pets just never arrived.

When people decide to get a pet, they often face a choice: buy an expensive purebred dog or adopt one from a shelter.

Bright Side has several arguments for taking a dog from a shelter because the way its life changes in its new home is priceless. All these dogs found a new owner and a new home, but there are more pets to whom you can give a new life.

1. Teddy

Teddy is a mix of a sheepdog, an Australian shepherd, and a golden retriever. His owner adopted him from a shelter on her 25th birthday. Look how much he's changed since then. What can be better than this gift?

2. Spokey

This is Spokey. The difference between these photos is just one day, but the difference in Spokey's worldview is much bigger.

3. Edgar

When Edgar arrived at his new home, his new friend was already waiting for him (he was also taken from a shelter).

4. Holland

The whole rags-to-riches story happened to this little puppy. He arrived in a new loving family, and now he always smiles and poses in all his pictures.

5. A happy dog

After spending whole days in a shelter's cage, a brand-new car seat is the best option. Even if they drive you to the vet.

6. Jackson

It's amazing how dogs can change in one day in the hands of a loving owner. Jackson is not an exception.

7. One more happy dog

This is how a dog looks when he has gone through many ordeals in the past and has finally met a truly caring owner that will love him no matter what.

8. Scarlett

Scarlett was saved from being put down over a minor skin condition. Isn't she the happiest dog in the whole world?

9. Mischka

Big like a bear, this dog spent a lot of time living near a supermarket until a girl saw him. The dog was really lucky to spend a year in a temporary home before his new owner arrived. Now they both live together in Poland and cherish their friendship.

10. Pig Pen

This pit bull was saved by people who later became his new family. He had suffered enough, and now he's changed beyond recognition.

11. A lucky dog

Another lucky dog that definitely realizes he's finally at home.

12. Chex

This dog was left behind when his old owners moved to another house. He dug a hole in the yard and tried to sleep in there. Now Chex is the happy member of a new family who will never leave him.

13. Kelly

This puppy looks much happier laying on a cozy carpet at home than on a cold shelter floor.

14. Piper

In the shelter, this dog used to hide from people, was afraid of everyone, and didn't let anyone approach her. A woman suffering from epilepsy became her new loving owner. She realized that Piper could predict and even prevent her seizures. And so Piper has become a service dog that never leaves her owner. They're a great team.

15. Leo

A car hit Leo when he was just a puppy. A long fight for his health and a rehabilitation followed. Now Leo lives with people with big loving hearts and proves by his own example that pets with disabilities can have a full life and bring a lot of happiness and love to their owners.

16. Bug

Scared and confused, Bug was brought to a shelter from the streets. A volunteer liked her at first glance and promised, "Tomorrow I'll return to take you home." Bug was probably betrayed by people before and didn't believe her. However, she realized how happy she could be at her new owner's home.

17. Pablo

Kind people found Pablo on the street and took him home. The photo on the right was taken a week after that. Look how love and care changed the dog.

18. Kasper

Kasper is a dog from Romania, and he had to travel a long way to join his new owners in the UK. They jokingly said, "Has yet to integrate and learn the language. Very good boy nonetheless."

19. Hank

This poor dog was once covered with bruises and scars, but look how happy he is now! Smiling from ear to ear.

20. Jake

"This is Jake. We adopted him in January, and he is a senior. All it took was some love (and many belly rubs), and I’m happy to say he’s finally living the life he always deserved."

They all deserve a better life. Little puppies and big dogs, active ones and those with disabilities. Don't be afraid to take a pet from the street or from a shelter – they'll become the most loving and thankful creatures in the whole world. Or maybe you already have an adopted pet. Share your photos and kind stories in the comments.

Preview photo credit rizzobeth/reddit
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