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20 Fantastic Photos Taken at Just the Right Moment

We at Bright Side think that you don’t even need to be a professional photographer to take great pictures; the main thing is to choose the right time to press the button.

Smile and relax, dear.

Let's swim together!

The apocalypse begins... 

Goofy, is that you?

Today I'm not a horse, I'm a rocket!

Karma's a funny thing ... and fast.

I doubted for a moment.

That's my little beauty!

Hey, bud, lend me your cap!

Children grow up way too fast.

Just for a moment I thought...

Flying cats!

Mickey Mouse isn't who he used to be.

Forgot her head ... well, it happens.

And here a head was found, and it needs some coke.

Pretty much the same face!

Blah-blah, I can't hear you! I wanna swim!

Hey man!

Do these glasses suit me?

This picture looks really good!

Airline safety checks.


Preview photo credit Graeme Guy, reddit
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