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20 Incredible Unedited Pictures That Border on Fantasy


How amazing our world is! You never know when  you will see something that you've never seen before, that seems impossible at first glance.

This is exactly what we at Bright Side would like to show you today - these photos uncover the hidden and magical side of our world.

A school of tadpoles swim through algae woods in Cedar Lake, Canada.

Northern lights in the shape of a phoenix, Iceland.

The invisible harvest.

Mount Rainier near Seattle, floating in the clouds.

Panoramic shot taken by a drone.

A psychedelic but beautiful abandoned salt mine in Russia.

The crystal clear water of Fiji.

Foggy Sofia, Bulgaria.

The mysterious Lake Hillier with its rosy waters.

An alley in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

The birth of fire on a match.

A walk home.

Waters near San Francisco, brightly colored thanks to the peculiar microorganisms.

Lightning-web covering the erupting Calbuco volcano, Chile.

A game of shadows.

A flock of penguins on an iceberg.

The idyllic beauty of Tuscany, Italy.

The Eyes of God, a cave in Bulgaria.

An unbelievable view from a swimming pool, Switzerland.

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