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20 of the absolute best photos from the National Geographic archive

Every day, the famous National Geographic magazine receives hundreds of new photos from readers in all corners of the world. Seasoned photographers and newbies alike wait for just the right moment to create the most stunning shots that will take our collective breath away.

We at Bright Side chose 20 of the most impressive images for you from the National Geographic archive that demonstrate the extraordinary grace of nature.

Ili pika (spotted for the first time in 20 years), China

Goðafoss, Iceland

'So, where did we leave the car...?' 'Madagascar'

Tulip fields, Netherlands

Field camouflage, USA

The frozen Lake Baikal, Russia

A nice guy, China

800-year-old baobab trees, Madagascar

A casual walk, Russia

Fish tornado, Mexico

'Who are you?' Italy

Against the wind, Canada

Autumn waterfall, Croatia

'Dance, dance!' Madagascar

An ermine in winter, Italy

Yellow jellyfish, Palau

Zen, China

'A party for everybody!' India

Serenity, Namibia

Your personal stylist, Japan

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