20+ Perfectly Timed Photos Showing How Hilarious the World Is

So many people surprise and amaze the world with their perfectly timed photos. Even more assume that it takes pure luck to be at the right place to snap that perfect shot. In reality, those who look for magic and beauty always manage to find it, be it their own pet or the person sitting next to them.

Bright Side found perfectly timed photos that will make you want to walk around and look for an opportunity to snap your own. Which of these do you think deserves to be named as "The Most Perfectly Timed Photo of All Time"?

22. After the first day of a snack-free diet!

If you secretly observe your pets during the day, you'll discover that they are the greatest source for funny pictures. On a more serious note, make sure you know which foods and items are considered to be dangerous for cats and dogs.

21. Beware of the Crocs! They are dangerous!

This photo was taken at New Zealand's quirkiest theme park. The park was inspired to create something new out of something old to make it fun and attractive.

Side note: Speaking of Crocs, the rubber clogs turned out to be harmful to your feet. They leave your heels unsecured, and so your toes tend to grip down more tightly, which leads to toe deformities, nail problems, corns, and calluses.

20. Hot beauty!

Interesting fact: Why do people love sitting by the fire? A study shows that sitting by the fire actually causes our blood pressure to drop, making us feel more at ease.

19. Every grandma: You look so skinny! Let me feed you!

An orangutan named Suryia and Roscoe, a hound, met in a South Carolina shelter and immediately became friends. This unusual couple swims and plays together. Suryia takes Roscoe for his walks!

18. Boys will be boys!

There is nothing like the friendship between guys where pushing your friend into a lake is not a big deal but a great opportunity to take a nice shot and create amazing memories!

17. That's just nature!

He was probably just interested in all the shiny laces on her colorful dress!

16. The Flying Dutchman exists and is docked in the USA!

This is a photo of Sutro Tower (a TV and radio antenna tower) in San Francisco, California. It rises from a hill between Twin Peaks and Mount Sutro.

15. I look gorgeous!

The mirror test proved that birds can't recognize themselves in a mirror. There was one exception: the Eurasian magpie was the only non-mammal to pass the mirror test.

14. Are you my prince?

There is no reason to believe that you have to kiss hundreds of frogs until you meet your prince. Some frogs never miss a chance to jump and get their kiss themselves!

13. The weather forecast mentioned rain, didn't it?!

Taken after a co-pilot's first combat mission! Inside traditions are not for the public, but we can guess some from this photo.

12. Only for fish who've turned 18!

A scene from the popular movie Finding Nemo. Turn on your creativity, and use movies, cartoons, and TV shows to take your own hilariously timed photos!

11. Hollow Man wins surfing competition!

Mick Fanning made a historic 4th win at the Quiksilver Pro France in October 2013. Even more historic is the perfectly timed photo!

10. They are truly a man's best friend.

The puppy just wanted to play with a flying shiny thing. Your mind twisted it!

9. How you doin'?

A tip to take the perfectly timed photo with your dog: throw a ball/stick/snack high up, and get ready to take amazing snaps.

8. Getting ready for the first day of school be like...

The Exorcist is a novel by American writer William Peter Blatty. The story is about the demonic possession of a 12-year-old girl and the 2 priests who attempt to exorcise the demon.

7. The dude has long hands.

Always check the background before taking a photo. It's a good idea to remind your photographer about that as well.

6. I'm not scared! Just a little bit surprised!

Another tip for photos with your dog: quietly check what your dog is doing. Make sure it doesn't see you or expect you. Throw something unexpected or make a loud and sharp noise. Get ready to take that shot!

5. This is SPARTA!

Leave some seeds outside, perhaps on a bench in a park. Get your camera, and just wait! You might catch a shot like this one of 2 birds fighting for food.

4. Gadget neck!

If you own one dog, then you should get another. The real fun starts with 2 dogs!

3. Modern Romeo and Juliet

Not kissing, just smelling. Cats communicate using their strong sense of smell. A cat's sniff is the feline equivalent of "Hello, how do you do?" and similar to a handshake.

2. Took me a while to realize she wasn't staring at me!

Memoirs of a Geisha is a historical novel by Arthur Golden, an American author, published in 1997. The novel tells the story of a fictional geisha working in Kyoto, Japan, before and after World War II.

1. Did you say cheese?!

A group of students in Costa Rica was getting ready to take a selfie when a sloth with impressive timing poked its head right in front of the camera when the device snapped an image. The world's cutest photobomb!

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Preview photo credit hamnzo/Imgur
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