20+ Photos of a Young Blogger Proving That Modern Art Can Easily Do Without Photoshop (Warning: It Will Be Hard to Believe Your Eyes)

Not so long ago blogger Victoria Dall participated in various photoshoots as a model. But she soon got tired of these photo sessions. So she came up with several creative solutions for her photos, but none of the photographers would listen to her. That’s why Victoria decided to implement her ideas herself. She created an Instagram account that’s already gathered tens of thousands of admirers of Victoria’s works.

Bright Side got inspired by the works of the young blogger and wants to share them with you. And what’s interesting about them all is the story behind each photo and the fact that they were created without Photoshop.

5 years ago Victoria moved from a small town to Saint Petersburg, Russia.

She attends the State Polytechnic University where she studies 3D graphics, painting, and design.

She’s been taking these photographs for just about a year but she’s learned a lot of tricks in this short amount of time.

She takes care of all the props and the technical side of the process.

It’s a really labor-intensive process because she has to piece together many details and she almost never uses Photoshop to retouch her photos.

Victoria recorded an interesting video where she shows the behind-the-scenes creation of this photo. There’s a real head in the fishbowl.

And those are real pieces of ice in this bathtub.

This was not the first time Victoria had to make lollipops for her photos.

Real goldfish placed in a handmade polyethylene bikini top? Easy!

According to Victoria, life itself inspires her to be creative. Any little thing can create new, stunning images in her mind.

Very often the photographer raises pressing topics in her photos.

Like protecting the environment

Internet addiction

Bad habits

That’s why Victoria’s boyfriend and friends help her create different photos.

The blogger feels very enthusiastic about interacting with her followers in the comments section.

She responds to curious questions about the shooting process.

The photographers who refused to use her ideas in the past are probably eating their words right now.

Because her works are becoming increasingly popular every day.

Now Victoria plans to create more photos dedicated to the protection of the environment and wild animals.

She hopes to use art as a means to reach people’s minds with the importance of paying attention to these problems.

What’s your impression of Victoria’s work? Which of the photos did you like the best? Share your opinion in the comments.

Preview photo credit dall_vika / instagram
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