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20 Photos of People With Nerves of Steel

Some people are prepared to go to truly reckless lengths to take an interesting photograph.

Bright Side has selected a number of images from around the Internet that quite simply take your breath away. Take a look, but don’t try doing this yourself!

This pilot is prepared to distract himself to a dangerous degree for that perfect selfie.

I wonder what the highway police would say?

Just resting on a rope over Rio de Janeiro.

This girl has gained recognition as the author of some of the most dangerous selfies.

Chasing tornados to take that perfect shot.

Don’t forget to take a selfie when you’re whooshing down from the sky.

Some surfers find the time to take impressive shots even when they’re riding the waves.

Just a photo taken against the background of the active Bromo volcano in Indonesia.

Swimming with a shark.

To take this shot, this guy climbed up to the roof of the Votive Church in Vienna.

Yoga on the top of the world. What a nice way to relax, right?

There’s never a moment that’s inappropriate for a selfie. Even a plane crash shouldn’t get in the way.

The first shot ever taken from on top of the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro.

It seems that animals are also fans of the unusual approach to taking photographs.

Is this guy snake-sitting?

This photo genuinely makes your head spin.

No, this isn’t a trick carried out by a stuntman. This is an ordinary person who set fire to himself in order to take an unusual selfie.

Having fun on the swings at great heights.

This looks like a commercial for toothpaste...for lions.

Nerves of steel + abs of steel. Or is it just the right angle?

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