20 photos proving that you can create a real masterpiece without Photoshop

You don’t always need to use computer editing techniques and tools to make your photos look great. Just raise your head and look around you! Our world is full of beauty, charm, and magic! If you are lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time with your camera, don’t miss the chance to capture a real piece of art!
We at Bright Side can't wait to share with you 20 incredible photos that are the result of the artistic and creative ‘eye’ of the photographer.

A view from the inside of an ordinary grater 

A shadow

Flamingo from an unusual angle

These 'cliffs' are approximately 3 inches high


Copy and paste

Pier on fire

Sea Sky, Capri, Italy

Flamingos at Laguna Colorada, on the border between Bolivia and Chile

Mountain peaks covered in snow

This block of ice is 6ft high 

An optical illusion

A mermaid


This is how clouds are formed

Lower Antelope Canyon, USA

An ice cave in Vatnajökull glacier, Iceland

Dry rain in the mountain massif of Tavan-Bogdo-Ula, Altai


Butterflies Kaliga, Natural History Museum, London

Preview photo credit © Oliver Jordan
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