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20 Photos That Can Make You Stop Trusting Your Vision

To become a master of illusion, you don’t need to know magic. It’s enough to have a camera and take a photo in the right place at the right time.

Bright Side put together deceptive photos that will make you want to look twice or even thrice because it’s not quite clear what’s happening in them.

20. It seems my sky is broken.

19. Is there something wrong with the dog?

18. I had to count the arms 3 times.

17. This is just a very long boy.

16. Let’s count the legs.

15. Sir, don’t lose your head!

14. Is that a foot or a root?

13. This ship sails along the clouds.

12. I had to look twice before I understood what happened there.

11. This “giant” bird seems willing to conquer the world.

10. Guess how many cars there are.

9. Now I need a new pair of eyes.

8. There is someone on this tree. Look once again.

7. This guy is carefully feeding a lonely camel’s head.

6. The man tried to avoid being filmed, and now he looks like Gulliver in this photo.

5. Remember, kid, you are an invisible bough.

4. This is what a shadowy palm lion looks like.

3. Don’t panic! It’s just a sunset.

2. The perfect photographic angle

1. What are you looking at?

Have you ever taken similar photos? If so, share them in the comments below. Let’s have fun together!

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