20 Photos That Prove We Can’t Believe Everything We See on Social Media

In order to get more followers, we always try to look better on social media. In fact, 68% of adults use this or that kind of photo editing before they share a picture with another person or online. And sometimes these photo modifications can go far beyond our imaginations.

Bright Side gathered 20 behind-the-scenes photos proving that you can’t always trust everything you see on social media.

20. Even a sky swing needs some fixed support.

19. When you can’t go to the real sea:

18. All you need is a photographer’s help.

17. The secrets of levitation

16. The easiest way to hold a baby

15. When you realize it really is beautiful on the other side:

14. When you’re on a diet but 3 am snacks don’t count:

13. This is the kind of support we all need.

12. Even the greatest shots can be taken in quite unexpected places.

11. Sometimes perspective really matters.

10. How to make a perfect setting for your baby’s photo:

9. Do you need some clouds? Just destroy a few pillows!

8. If you have no studio, you can always go shopping.

7. Taco Bell can be used for more than just eating.

6. If you need the perfect background, a TV might help.

5. How you look when reading vs how you feel:

4. Don’t want to buy flowers for your pictures? Florists can always help!

3. The universe is much closer than you think.

2. When you really love nature:

1. In order to shine like a star, you’ll just need some neon paint and a blacklight.

Have you ever tried to trick your followers in the same way? Share your photos with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit calop_ / instagram
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