20+ Photos With an Unexpected Twist That Blew Us Away

The internet is loaded with pictures shared by people who have captured images with perfect timing or from a different perspective. These pictures are not only the ones where your cat yawns and makes people around yawn too or where your baby makes a mess by spilling flour all over the house. These perfectly timed photos may make a dog breath fire, a human lift a horse, or capture the moment before somebody was about to be hit by a beach ball.

We at Bright Side are huge fans of these rare captures and would love to share the best ones with you too! Have a look.

1. Watch me lift, watch me neigh-neigh.

2. This cat sneaking into the cat food syncs perfectly with the face on the pack.

3. A toy airplane

4. Erm, nice outfit, sir!

5. This aloe vera plant grew in a perfect spiral.

6. This selfie was taken a moment before this guy was hit by a beach ball.

7. This is how a snowflake looks when it gets destroyed.

8. Right before Jonah Hill’s coffee lid broke loose

9. This perfectly timed photo was taken when the photographer was about to fall.

10. The player in red has 3 legs.

11. Whoopsies in 3... 2... 1...

12. Probably not the right time to yawn

13. Beer pour, more like beer hat

14. Goodbye, world!

15. This picture was taken right before the wedding cake fell off.

16. You don’t need a dog filter to ace this selfie.

17. Her job must be fun.

18. We just hope her nose didn’t get hit.

19. Now that’s pretty.

20. She can be found anywhere, you just gotta look around.

21. This video buffered at the perfect time.

22. Not a pretty Marilyn Monroe sight, is it?

23. This pole creates 2 different images in one. They are in fact, a single image.

24. Is this sun glare a sign?

We would love to know which ones were your favorites. Have you ever clicked on something amazing like this? Let us know in the comments below.

Preview photo credit Eastnews
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