20 Types of Photos That Everyone Is Tired of Seeing in Their Instagram Feed

There's little people won't do to be trendy. Regular social network users post hundreds of millions of photos trying to get as many likes as possible. The majority of them are so typical and similar, that they already start getting annoying. Their quantities are so high that people working with statistics could probably make entire databases about them, and psychologists could trace common character traits.

Bright Side has put together the most common types of photos that will make you want to say: "What, this again?"

1. Remember: The most effective workout online is selfie-cardio. Just 45 minutes and you can already see the results.

2. How do you let your subscribers know that you are completely relaxed? By showing your legs protruding from the bathtub with a glass of wine, of course.

3. Sticker to the face is an excellent solution to the dilemma: upload your child's photo and get likes or don't upload but avoid the evil eye.

4. To make the photo sparkle with luxury and passion, invite some oysters or lobsters to take part in the shoot. And for an added touch you can put on all your jewelry at once...

5. Deep inside we are all children at heart. A concrete argument for the abundance of photos with cartoon faces.

6. Remember: No matter what people say, belfie is an entire philosophy.

7. Don't forget that a new manicure will never be as important as the logo on the steering wheel.

8. Use a brilliant combination of form and content.

9. Don't hide your culinary talents from the world.

10. To make sure you're believable, don't advertise, just give recommendations... from the heart.

11. When showing the bouquet you got from your boyfriend, it's extremely important to not look at the camera. This way the photos come out much more spectacular.

12. If you travel without taking a picture of the tickets, it never happened.

13. Let everyone think that you're running, in geometrically perfect shapes...

14. Experiment: These are, in fact, not monotonous photos. They have many variations: both legs are straightened, one leg is bent, both legs are bent, one leg on top of the other, tips towards the camera, tips away from the camera...

15. Don't hold back when the soul asks for creativity, even if you aren't a graphic designer.

16. Always tell your subscribers the truth and nothing but the truth.

17. Definitely upload more photos of your children's graphic everyday life, subscribers should get their fair share of the cuteness.

18. When you get bored at the office you can take still lifes of planners, stacks of paper, and cups of coffee, upload those photos to the internet, and hope that your boss doesn't follow your profile.

19. To take a perfect photo for your Instagram, it's best to contact a professional photographer. Then you'll definitely get that unique shot that you won't find anywhere else.

20. If you collect as many quotes as possible on your page, you can seriously develop your intellect. That's just the way it works.

Fortunately, the Internet is not just a space for cloning and copying particular styles, photos or habits. There's always a place for creativity and uniqueness, as shown by various original profiles.

Do you have any examples of accounts that inspire you to discover something new? Or, maybe you have your own secret tricks to make your social networking page really interesting?

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