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21 Hilarious Attempts to Update Old Family Photos

Most of us are probably well acquainted with the old family sport of flipping through photo albums full of awkward childhood pics, but few of us have the urge to try and recreate them. Some people, however, are intent on bringing this little game to perfection.

Bright Side presents you with 21 brilliantly funny examples of friends and families reviving their decades-old photos with the most hilarious results imaginable.

The little guy grew up to be quite an armful of a dude.

Same car, different dog.

Chillsome threesome

Ice cream buddies

Throwback Christmas

13 years on

Night terrors

Poor doggy. He got the worst of it.

Mimicking his younger self

18 Thanksgivings later

A gift for Mother’s Day

Ellen DeGeneres and her prom date

Getting long in the tooth

All three of them look stunning.

"A photo recreation for my mom’s birthday. Am I doing this whole son thing right?"

Childhood friends then and now

482 months apart

Ain’t kids no more.

"Ew, what’s that smell lil bro?"

"Come down here, boys! We’ve got a surprise for you."

When I grow up...

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