21 Times Reality Was Much More Impressive Than Photoshop

The first color photograph was taken by James Maxwell in 1861. Much has changed since then. Today, we have better technology, photo equipment, and, of course, Photoshop. But some places on Earth are still much more beautiful and peculiar than the works of even the best camera masters. Look at the moments that people managed to capture proof of the fact that the glory of our world doesn’t require any filters or retouching.

Bright Side gathered 21 unrealistic pictures without an ounce of editing.

21. “Ctrl C + Ctrl V” or just Chinese sailors?

20. We hope that the cameraman is OK now.

19. Have you ever seen volcano lightning? This is it:

18. What a fantastic moon!

17. Is your inner perfectionist happy?

16. A huge flamingo made up of migrating flamingos

15. It was created with real paint.

14. Symmetry as it is

13. Always check what is hidden under the water...

12. Sky mirror

11. 2 different New York Cities

10. Is there anything better than the beauty of Japanese landscapes?

9. “I am Groot.”

8. This looks terrifying:

7. Arctic icy quarters

6. It isn’t Bigfoot’s arm, we promise!

5. 7 invisible surfboards. Can you see them?

4. Winter is coming...

3. A rescue team at the top of a volcano after eruption

2. Summer vs. Autumn

1. We literally fell in love with this rainbow:

Which photo did you like the most? If you’ve ever taken any breathtaking photos of the nature around you, don’t hesitate to share them in the comments section below!

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