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21 Witty Users Give Useless But Funny Advice Again

There are so many life hacks and tricks on the internet that some people can’t stop joking about them. They post their alternative mischievous “advice” and just want to have fun.

Bright Side doesn’t recommend you use these tips, but you can laugh with us while looking through the pictures!

Fed up with boiling water each evening? Heat 340 fl oz (10 liters), and freeze for future use.

Is your sink full of dirty utensils? Put some clean dishes in the draining rack! Now it looks like you’re working on it.

If your tires are too old, refresh them with a marker.

Did you know that you only need to fix one corner?

No flashlight on your phone? Take a photo of the sun, and use it in the dark.

If you’re too lazy to wash your cup, use a pepper.

No ice for drinks? Use frozen vegetables.

There is never enough time in the morning. Try to combine brushing your teeth with your breakfast.

If you leave your wipers up, an officer won’t be able to leave a fine. Your money will be saved.

It’s very expensive to eat 3 times a day. Wake up later, miss breakfast, and save money.

Having a bad day? No worries! Wear sunglasses. Now you’re having a bad evening.

Just one detail and your computer will work faster.

Eggs are good for your health. But sometimes we get fed up with them. Add some butter, chocolate, sugar, flour, and then bake. Now it’s not so boring to eat them every day.

This is how you can change your status using one marker.

If you can’t afford virtual reality headsets, you can close your eyes and imagine everything you want.

A glove filled with warm water creates the illusion that you’re not alone.

A 3-colored manicure isn’t so difficult if you have toothpaste.

No hair? Draw it! Or get a tattoo.

A budget version if you’ve spent all your money on car services.

A sticking plaster can heal any wound. You just have to believe.

When even the water element can’t stop you:

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