22 Pictures That Perfectly Capture Strong Emotions

A human being has a broad range of emotions. It may seem impossible to categorize and count all of the different emotional states of a human, but studies show that there are more than 500 of them!

In this article, Bright Side collected the brightest characters that are so expressive, you can’t help but feel what they’re feeling.

1. Not everyone is happy to see the new pup.

2. This brave boy is not afraid of a vaccination.

3. “Granny wanted to see the ocean before going to the hospital.”

4. A monkey holds her child who just fell from high up.

5. This dog thought he was the biggest in the park.

6. The boy asked his uncle to spin him as fast as he could.

7. “My mom used bad language in front of Santa.”

8. It seems like this doggy didn’t expect to be captured on camera flying over the beach.

9. This girl wanted to be a road for Halloween. Her mom made her dream come true.

10. A cake-eating champion

11. The kid started crying when he saw Santa. His parents decided to join him.

12. “It was too quiet in the back seat so I turned back to see what was going on. It seems that I interrupted a very important process.”

13. “Chuck Norris being pinned by my dad!”

14. This girl didn’t expect such a huge portion.

15. An overly dramatic kitty

16. Someone isn’t happy about the party...

17. This dog saw his owner on Skype.

18. This moment is priceless.

19. “It was the first time my granny spoke to me using video.”

20. It seems like the girl on the right has just turned back.

21. A long-awaited meeting

22. “This is me every Monday morning.”

Bonus: These grandparents’ reaction when they see their grandson receiving an Olympic gold medal.

Preview photo credit yourshot.nationalgeographic.com
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