22 Times People Opened the Gates of Hell Using Panoramic Mode

Triple-headed people, floating body parts, animals with abnormal abilities - no, this isn't a psychedelic horror story. These horrific images are just the result of people trying to take cool pictures using the "panorama" feature on their cameras.

Bright Side has put together a compilation of 22 panoramic photos that had something go wrong, giving them a little extra charm.

22. Those who claim that two heads are better than one have never tried using three.

21. When persistence becomes second nature:

20. We run away, but we do it courageously.

19. It seems like he drank a bit too much yesterday.

18. The movie, Split, Part 2

17. When you just wanted to fool around but the universe is unforgiving:

16. This is what happens when you spend too much time sunbathing.

15. When you repeat something for the 5th time:

14. Fans wildly rejoice

13. The unveiling

12. "Make me look like a model."

11. The somersault...

10. ...and the second attempt

9. Here's what a hobbit cat looks like:

8. Almost everything is perfect about this photo. Almost.

7. Now we know who the guy in the blue coat was drinking with.

6. You look so beautiful today, honey.

5. "I only have one child!"

4. "This has always been my dream."

3. "I think this diet has a strange effect on me."

2. The child of darkness

1. Alter ego

Many of these photos can test the strength of your spirit, but our favorite was number 15. What about you?

Preview photo credit unknown author/imgur
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