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23 Photoshop Savages Who Are Slaying the Editing Game (or Just Holding the Manual Upside Down)


According to statistics, 78% of 17-year-old girls are unhappy with the way they look. All because they constantly see commercials on TV and pictures in magazines that show perfect models with thin waists. But are they really so perfect? A closer look at many of these impressive photos can reveal the truth standing right in front of us.

Today, Bright Side has collected a set of Photoshopped photos proving that staying natural can sometimes actually be better.

23. What’s wrong with her foot?

22. We doubt that he visited this place.

21. Her head obviously looks too giant for her body.

20. We wonder what diet she has been keeping to get such a thin waist.

19. Legs with no fat: a dream of any girl

18. Mr. Muscle can easily lift any canister.

17. Is he the new X-Man?

16. What a good-looking guy.

15. “We paid $250 for this picture to a man who claimed himself to be a professional.”

14. Did the girl see those muscles too?

13. It seems this mother doesn’t fit in this swimming pool.

12. The magic carpet is back.

11. Nobody would’ve noticed the trick but the deceiving tan has spoiled the whole thing.

10. A bit too big...

9. Mr. Bean is always young.

8. The more hands, the better...

7. The sock and the sandals definitely don’t suit the car.

6. Commercials speak louder than truth.

5. As if no one else is there in the picture...

4. Something tells us those models are unaware of the fact that they’re wearing glasses.

3. It’s gonna be an “ouch” landing.

2. When you both want to look impressive:

1. What a substitution!

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