24 Examples of Someone Having a Much Worse Day Than You

We all run out of luck sometimes. It’s a good thing that people don’t lose their sense of humor and are able to laugh at themselves and their tribulations.

We at Bright Side made a selection of funny failures and other cases of a total lack of luck that could happen to each of us.

1. "The tree fell over and pulled up the lawn."

2. It looks like the pepperoni is afraid of the dark.

3. Oh, those charming tan lines!

4. The expectations did not pan out.

5. The cook must’ve had an even worse day.

6. "Did I do something to offend the wedding photographer?"

7. You had one job. Just one.

8. When you leave mineral water in a car at -30°C (-22°F)...

9. How is this even possible?

10. "Got drunk, got hungry, fell asleep."

11. "I made a delicious cheesecake and decided to put it in the fridge."

12. This is why you should watch your step and not the phone screen.

13. This is what real bad luck is.

14. When your laptop really overheats:

15. "Dad mistook a bath bomb for detergent."

16. Trying to make pasta: first attempt = fail

17. When you locked the car but something went wrong:

18. "I didn’t expect that from my chair."

19. "Sunlight through the glass doorknob started a fire."

20. "Winter is coming. Be sure to check for cows on your hood before starting your car."

21. This is why you should buy a case for your new phone:

22. "Our cabinets fell off the wall while I was in the kitchen."

23. "400 kg of liquid chocolate leaked onto the street after the tank containing it fell off a trailer."

24. "I was eating a hot dog."

Have you ever had any misfortunate accidents that seem funny in hindsight? Share them with us in the comments section!

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