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23 People Who’ll Remember This Doggone Day for a Long Time

If you think your life is all Mondays and it can’t get any worse, don’t despair. Just look at these photos, and you’ll realize that there are people in this world who have it even worse than you.

Bright Side has collected 23 pictures of true unluckiness.

23. “I guess the ‘Road Works’ sign on that perfectly smooth highway was there for a reason after all.”

22. “I almost finished eating my pizza when I found a Band-Aid in it.”

21. “My 80-year-old grandmother nearly had to go to the hospital when she woke up to this.”

20. “I think I’ve mastered a new parking style.”

19. “A wind turbine in my hometown snapped in half.”

18. “Mom’s gonna be so pissed.”

17. “My little brother was going to fry an egg but he accidentally cracked open a balut egg. Now he’s crying because he thinks he killed the bird.”

16. “Washable paint? Yeah, right. See you in court, Palmer Paint Products.”

15. When you lose focus just for one second:

14. This is how my Thanksgiving started:

13. Now the car’s owner really knows what it’s like to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

12. This is what I showed to my boyfriend this morning:

11. This is what happens when you fall asleep outside:

10. “I didn’t realize I was in the men’s bathroom.”

9. “And these were the most expensive seats...”

8. “What do I throw now to make myself feel better?”

7. “The exact moment her phone was lost forever.”

6. The librarian has a total overflow at work today.

5. “I think this time, my clothes won’t need drying after washing.”

4. “My neighbors discovered that turkeys can fly.” They’ve learned it the hard way.

3. “That’s a concrete example of a bad day.”

2. “I was so reluctant to clean the house...I should’ve listened to my instincts.”

1. “This is enough for me to think helmets should be necessary.”

Compiling all these pictures made us realize how lucky we are after all, and the last one made us feel a desperate need to get a fly swatter. Have you ever witnessed similar cases when someone definitely had it worse than you?

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