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24 Photos of Ordinary Things Like You’ve Hardly Ever Seen Them Before

Our world is full of surprises. When it appears that you've seen it all, something new comes up and defies your imagination. Very often ordinary things amaze us the most. For example, we've all seen rottweilers with cropped tails. But lately, many dog owners refuse to do that to their pets, and now we get to see rottweilers with their natural long tails.

Bright Side gathered the most amazing photos for you of the most ordinary things that exist in our world.

A white crow

Pentagonal oranges

Mojave desert covered with snow

A peeled lemon

A Playboy for the blind

A baby pineapple

A baby flamingo

Just a road in Norway

An upside-down rainbow

A tomato packed with mini-tomatoes

Kiwi blossom

A rottweiler with a long tail

A river dolphin

A two-colored pepper

A hairless guinea pig

A village in China

A hairy ladybug

A turtle's mouth

Inside of a grenade

Japanese matryoshka dolls - the oldest in the world

Under a wave

Chinese black chickens

A view from a bird's hollow


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