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24 Photos Taken a Split Second Before a Catastrophe

Just imagine: information travels through our nerve fibers at a speed of 3 to 120 meters (10 to 360 feet) per second, which is very, very fast. But even that is often not enough to catch an epic moment on camera.

Bright Side has made a selection of pictures taken against all the odds a second before the inevitable.

1. A snowball in the face in 3...2...1!

2. I bet the boy has a pair of scissors in the other hand.

3. He doesn’t seem to mind so far.

4. "I’ve timed the exact moment I lost my phone."

5. "The guy behind knows how much the trophy costs."

6. "Let me at least take the camera away!"

7. "I’d love to see the picture taken one second later."

8. The last chance of getting away dry has been lost.

9. "My friend set her hair on fire while blowing out the candles on her birthday cake. This was taken a split second before anybody realized."

10. "Stop taking photos of your food. Share it!"

11. "Unidentified Flying Sandal"

12. This probably made the boy grow cold to the Harry Potter books.

13. You shouldn’t have breathed down my neck the whole race!

14. The last moment when the dress was still white:

15. Someone is going to feel a ton of pain.

16. "Take a picture of me with the c... Nooo!"

17. A second before a big clean-up!

18. "The moment a tower collapses"

19. Everything was going so smoothly before this...

20. The alligator is soon to find out what kind of fish he attacked.

21. At least have pity on the headphones!

22. You were so close, buddy.

23. "Stop the puck whatever it takes!"

24. When you remain wonderfully photogenic even with goodness knows what going on around you:

Do you have similar photos taken one second before the inevitable? Share in the comments!

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