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25 Exhilarating Photos That Will Make You Smile When You’re Having a Bad Day

There’s a million things that can make you smile when everything falls apart, and we at Bright Side would like to share 25 of them with you today. These images will put a smile on your face even on the worst of days, and help you get rid of that dark cloud hanging over your head.

This kitten is definitely saying: ’Everything’s gonna be okay’

A charming baby hippo

A puppy who discovered the best mode of transport in the world...his big brother!

Overprotective parents left their newborn with the baby’s grandparents for the first time. They called every 4 minutes checking on the baby, so the grandad sent them this photo

A clever cat that learned to drink milk through a straw

A couple who just decided to smile at life — like we all should!

An adorable little hedgehog looking forward to Christmas

A kitten that can apparently sleep anywhere

The emotional reunion of old friends

...And the beginning of a lifelong friendship

Two teddy bears hidden on your cat’s paws

And these little ones discovering the joy of being together

A dog that reminds us that we have to enjoy the simple pleasures in life...

A puppy rescued from a fire by local firefighters

A smiling sloth

What a delicious cookie! ...Thank you, human

Smile for the camera!

This is what happens when a baby and a cat decide to learn the same dance moves!

A tiger who loves to lick ice cubes

This is what it feels like to hug your best friend...

We can’t decide which of the two is more adorable! But they’ll surely make you smile

A turtle that knows how to celebrate life

A pair of friends enjoying a sweet embrace

A dog who found himself at the center of attention

This sweet doggie who knows how to be subtle when showing his love for a new family member

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