25+ Offices Where the Employees All Have a Great Sense of Humor

When you work with people who can bring positiveness to the working atmosphere, Monday mornings don't seem so gloomy.

Bright Side has collected examples of ways to fight boredom at work.

"I was out of the office for 2 weeks and found this when I got back."

"My colleague keeps telling me to not use Post-its for unnecessary things. This is what I did to his office."

A big detective drama happened on our office fridge.

Somebody in my office had an amazing idea.

When your colleague is fond of Christmas:

"I placed this sign on our office coffee machine...best 3 hours of my life."

An original alternative to shelves in office restrooms!

Left my office for 10 minutes...

We asked our boss to buy a clock for our office.

"My office refuses to take down this nonoperating antiquated piece of equipment, so I did the only logical thing."

"My friend's office has been in a Post-it war with the neighbors... Yesterday, the neighbors won."

"Walked into my boss's office and saw this sign."

"Polar bear area"

When you are the only man in the office:

Don't play jokes with IT guys!

Very bad service!

"After a 50+ email chain with all the men at my company, we decided it was only fair to have a shark tank in the bathroom if the women got an orchid. Our office manager listened, and this is what showed up on Monday morning."

"A coworker put this on my Keurig."

Unexpected issues for tall people

"I left a toy car as a decoration for my office's meeting room. I guess someone didn't want it there."

Uncatchable Ed

It's all about creativity.

Hold on, Ramon! Your colleagues will help you.

They found the best use for an office printer.

A friendly atmosphere in the office is better than any money.

Who said that IT guys can't be creative?

"It's office safari time."

"Sometimes my colleagues draw on my daughter's photo with whiteboard markers."

How to avoid complaints:

And I am dying of shame.

How else can I survive the accounting period?

Non-waste production!

"Last week I made a joke about my coworker being old (he's about 12 years older than me). Today he came to work with this."

When you get your salary in cash and your boss thinks he has a good sense of humor:

"Today we played the trust game at work...people hovered for hours before the first brave person stepped up. Spoiler: they were totally fine."

We at Bright Side know for sure what having colleagues with a good sense of humor is like. Tell us in the comments if you are lucky to have great coworkers as well.

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